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Bling Collar Dog Customized With Your Pets Name And Charm

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Bling Dog Collars

You'll love the look of this absolutely wonderful bling collar. It will stand out on your pet's fur and will look gorgeous on your fur baby.

Our Bling Collars are classy and stylish just as your dog. With nine beautiful colors to pick from and sizes available for all dog breeds, shapes, and sizes, you are sure to find just the right collar to match your dog's personality. These dog collars will definitely make your pooch the most stylish in town- everyone will be jealous.

All you have to do is to choose a color and a charm that you like and to write us your dog name when you order!

How to order:

  1. Choose Color and a symbol and go to check out
  2. Write your dog's name in a note when you order (up to 5 letters)
  3. Write what symbol you want to be added to your dog's name (one charm)

Please send us up to 5 letters and 1 charm (Crown/Paw/Skull/Bone/Star/Heart) to customize the writing on the collar!!

Please measure your pet according to the table below prior to purchasing this item.

Size Width Length Adjustable Size
XXS 1cm 25cm 16-21cm
XS 1cm 30cm 21-26cm
S 1cm 35cm 26-31cm
M 1cm 42cm 31-38cm


Please consider up 3 weeks of shipping time.



To measure your dog properly you should use a soft tape measure and measure your dog while standing. Please do not assume your dog's size. All dogs vary in size even in cases of the same breed. 

  • Back Length - Place tape measure on your dog's shoulder blades and measure to the base of the tail.
  • Chest - Again place the tape measure on the dog's shoulder blades and measure right around the chest at the deepest point. This is usually following the line from the shoulder blades downwards just behind the front legs.
  • Neck - For clothing and harnesses measure around the dog's neck at the widest point where the neck meets the body.

When purchasing collars, please measure halfway up the neck and bear in mind that for a comfortable fit you must allow space of one or two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.

Please always take into account there might be a deviation of 1 - 2 centimeters or 0.4 - 0.8 inches from the sizing tables in very few cases.

Please consider up 3 weeks of shipping time.
Shipping to the UK can take up to 5 weeks.